Wednesday, December 18, 2013

One Note

Well, I said the success of this blog would be a measure of the success of my life, and that hasn't been untrue. Up until recently, I have been droning along. Things are different, now. I have a lot more free time, and, as of next month, if I can ever get my adviser to call me back, I'll be going back to school and getting my MIT degree! Starting now, and throughout school, I will be trying hard to be productive again.

My first task: learning One Note. I've heard it's a pretty cool program, and it seems to have some use as a writing aid. If I can use it to keep track of characters, locations, and significant events, it would be a great help to my writing, in both fiction and in RP adventures.

So, wish me luck . . . again. One of these days, I might actually get this right.

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