Saturday, December 21, 2013

Masterwork Adventures: Toldara: Something Wicked

Well, upon playing with One Note, I have decided that it is a fairly amazing program. It's nice to know Microsoft can still do something right from time to time.

I have tried running a D&D campaign based in the world of Toldara before. It met with quite a bit of success, but I have had a bit of a falling out with the group that was playing it. However, I had an idea for a new campaign. It was inspired by Pathfinder's Bestiary 4, if that gives you any indication as to what kind of campaign it will be. If you're familiar with the book, you can probably guess what my endgame is going to be, as well. I'm also incorporating the Mythic rules, and intend for the final party to consist of level 20 characters all with 10 Mythic Ranks. The final battle should be pretty epic.

I will be using One Note to plan out and keep track of everything for the campaign. I will also be posting it Obsidian Portal ( when I have a little more planning done. I will try to be keeping up with it there as well, so check it out if you like. Obsidian Portal is an amazing website for campaigns, and it's free. It does have a premium option that would be well worth the money, but you don't need it. The free features are great.

The name of the campaign will be Something Wicked, and will find the PCs discovering that something is not quite right about their world any longer. Something has arisen, and is corrupting the whole world. There are powers in Toldara who are working to stem the tide of the corruption, but only one individual, an outcast from an ancient sect of the precursors to the Techno-Mages, has put his faith in an unlikely solution: the PCs. I will be allowing any Paizo published races and classes, as well as the races and classes my cousin and I created especially for Toldara. I would also be open to 3rd party classes and races, but would have to approve them first. The Players will begin in the capitol of the first and greatest human kingdom: Kalrock, the Bronze Empire. Named so due to the ancient alliance the humans of Kalrock have made with the Bronze Dragons who live in the complex cave systems underneath the castle and surrounding area. It is in this city that the PCs will likely be spending most of their down time, and is also where they will get their first indication that something is horribly wrong. Why they are in the Bronze City, and how they got there, will be up to the Players. However, should someone need help with this, I have an NPC in mind that can guide and/or lure them there.

My next few posts will be finishing up the Race entries for the four custom races we have come up with for Toldara, as well as the Elementalist class, an arcane spellcaster who is somewhere between a Sorcerer and a Bender from Avatar, the Tinkerer class, an engineer type class, and the Priest, think Cleric except trade in the martial combat and armor proficiencies for charismatic interaction and powered up spells. The Priest can probably be worked as a archetype for the Cleric, if it hasn't already been done. The Tinkerer might also fit well as an archetype of the Alchemist, but I'm a little less sure of that one. The Elementalist is going to be it's own class with four archetypes to choose from, one for each element.

This is going to be a heck of a ride, and I am looking forward to it. Until next time. ;)

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