Saturday, June 8, 2013

When it Rains . . .

So, Lawgambit, supposedly my best friend, and the guy who was supposed to be my best man, abandoned me three weeks before I get married. He just stops talking to me with no explanation as to why. It is now only two weeks before the wedding, and I still haven't heard from him. I know he's still alive and well, because I've seen him around. But, no, he won't talk to me. He won't even acknowledge I exist. Why? No idea. He won't tell me.

Anyway, that's more real life stuff than I really wanted to put on this blog, anymore. But, I have been dealing with that, and filling the hole left in the wedding and my life, for the past week. Thus, I am afraid that my creative endeavors have been stunted. I really wish I had more to post here, but, alas, I have done nothing this week. Well, nothing that this blog is about, anyway. So, I will spend this post talking about another feature I'm thinking of doing.

This new feature will not, actually, be a feature of the blog, but instead a feature of my YouTube channel, Galador5000. It will be titled "Let's Fail", and will be a series of let's plays done by my fiancee, Rasat, and I. I think it will be fun an unique, as I have not seen many husband/wife LP teams. Granted, I haven't watched a large number of LPs, but still. Plus, I really think the two of us will be funny and entertaining. We haven't settled yet on our first LP, but we don't want to limit ourselves to co-op or multiplayer games. As such, we might be doing Amnesia: The Dark Decent. We'd probably take turns, and watch each other play. One playthrough, two players. Of course, we would do multiplayer games as well. I'm thinking Super Mario World, while done to death on the LP scene, would still be fun.

Anyway, that's another project I would like to work on. Sorry I don't have more than that this week, but life doesn't like me very much. At least it doesn't seem to, at the moment. Next time, I really hope to have more. Oh, also, the 22nd of June, I will likely not be posting, as I will be on my honeymoon. I will, however, resume posting on the following Saturday as a married man. Woo!

Until next week, this is Drai-Gon signing off. ;)

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