Saturday, October 13, 2012

Less Than Meets the Eye Pt. 2

When last we left off, I had played the first mission of Transformers: War For Cybertron. I wasn't too impressed with it, but I was still willing to give it a shot. Maybe it would get better.

Mission 2

This one has you flying through the annals of the planet Cybertron to activate an energon bridge back up to the space station from the first mission. Without a ship, we need another way to transport supplies up there. So, once again, I'm given the choice of three characters:

You also get to pick from Thundercracker and Skywarp. I don't include their pictures because they're basically the same as Starscream, except purple. No, that's not High Moon Studios being lazy. Thundercracker ans Skywarp have always been basically the same, except purple . . . well, blue. Still, the point remains. You get to choose between three identical jets. So what sets them apart? Well, one plays the Scientist role, which is basically called the medic in any other game, one gets the Scout role, which is pretty useless given the other choices, and then there's Starscream himself, who gets the Soldier role. If you're playing co-op, the healing abilities might be worth taking for one of the players, especially since I believe the healer can also drop sentries that let you see cloaked enemies, which is useful in this mission. However, in single player, you can't take advantage of having a healer in your squad if you play him, so I chose Starscream. As the Soldier, he gets more weaponry; in this case, the Cybertronian version of an automatic shotgun. Not quite as powerful as the two-shot shotgun you can pick up in-mission, but holds more than two rounds at a time. Starscream's primary weapon is a sniper rifle, so, between the two starting weapons, I didn't pick up many secondary weapons along the way, except for the occasional turret. Oh, and best thing about the fliers? In vehicle form, they get machine guns and missiles. Both with infinite ammunition.

I like flying. In the game adaptation of the first Michael Bay Transformers movie, Blackout and Starscream were probably my favorites to play as. Not only do I get to have fun as a Transformer, but I get to fly, too? Eff yes!!! So, I was in a much better mood going into this mission. Also, I figured out something about vehicle form. All vehicle forms have a hover mode that they default to. However, if you hold down L1 (or probably LB for you 360 players), it's like pushing on the gas, and your character starts controlling like an actual vehicle, instead of just your robot form with a different look. The ability to switch between these modes with the press or release of a button proved to be very useful, especially as I went up against other fliers. Being able to do a 180 on a dime, then blast off in the opposite direction allowed me to out-fly nearly anything the game could throw at me. Even enemy missiles.

So, when it came time to do the third mission - which allowed me to pick from Megatron, Soundwave, and some tiny, two-wheeled Scout thing - I picked Megatron again, to see if what I had learned could apply to him. Again, I found it usually useless to bother to transform, unless I was out of ammo for my other two weapons, but I wasn't as upset about that as I was last time. The same principle does apply to Megatron's hover tank form, bit it's just not as useful to be in. Except in the train track segment. Racing through the subway as fast as I could was fun. Still, I think next time I'm on the ground, I'm going for a Scout class.

I think this will be it for my War For Cybertron posts. I may do another when I beat it, but I don't think I'm going to do a mission by mission play. It wasn't as bad as I first thought. The robot controls still feel off, but the vehicle forms make me happy again. And the story, dialog, visuals, and sounds are incredible and spot on. This is Transformers. I will be getting the second one.

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