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Toldara: Regions - The Forsaken North

 There are many regions in Toldara. The first one we're going to look at (because it will be featured in the game I'm running tonight) is the Forsaken North. It is a frozen wasteland with some truly hardcore denizens. While I will be providing traits that are gained by natives, I do recommend that you not allow players to use them. They are not balanced at all, but very lore friendly. Definitely better suited for NPCs. Rules for Traits can be found in the Pathfinder Advanced Players Guide (pg. 326).

The Forsaken North

The Forsaken North is a continent located at the North Pole, and buried under miles of ice and snow. It is the coldest and most treacherous region in Toldara, with the warmest temperatures never coming above zero, and the native creatures being the most fierce and hungry. Very little is known about the Forsaken North, as nearly all expeditions to it have ended in disaster. Most of what is known is legend and rumor. There are people who live in the Forsaken North, and they are just as hardy and fierce as the other creatures who call the glorified iceberg home. They are the Barbarians of the North, and are aware of, but care little for the powers of the South. They are nomadic and tribal, but are unified in their dedication for their Goddess-Queen, Xarlinia. Xarlinia is a Great White Wyrm who made the Forsaken North her territory eons ago, and has taken a liking to the roaming barbarians. The barbarians and their Queen have made it into the legends of the Southern kingdoms because of the rare occasions where Xarlinia has sent an emissary to the South to warn of events of great importance, mostly as her version of a subtle hint that they might want to possibly do something about it.


All characters that originate from the Forsaken North have Cold Resistance 5. Also, for the purposes of Cold Dangers in the Environmental Rules (Pathfinder Core Rulebook pg. 442), they treat Extreme Cold (-20 degrees) as just Cold. Severe Cold for characters from the Forsaken North is at -40 degrees, and Extreme Cold is at -60 degrees.

Ice Forged - You have lived your entire life in the wastes of the Forsaken North, and have managed to survive, not by out witting or out maneuvering, but by being able to take any punishment the North can dish out. Your body has been hardened by the cold and the hardships of the North. Characters with the Ice Forged trait gain a +2 to Fortitude saves.

Primal Calm - The Forsaken North instill in its inhabitants a primal ferocity that is unmatched anywhere else. You have learned to control that ferocity in yourself, and, by extension, in others. You gain a +2 to Diplomacy and Handle Animal checks. However, you find it more difficult to go into a Rage. Whenever you attempt to Rage, there is a 25% chance you fail to Rage.

Chill Charmed - The cold is your constant companion. Maybe you love the cold, and have dedicated yourself to becoming one with it. Maybe you were abandoned in the snow as a baby, and managed to miraculously survive, but not unchanged. However the connection was formed, cold energy is as natural to you as breathing. All spells you cast with the Cold type are cast at +1 caster level. Also, your appearance is different from others of your race. You're skin might be extremely pale and slightly blue, or your veins might glow slightly with an icy energy. Whatever the specifics, it should be drastic enough to be easily noticed, but it doesn't need to be unattractive (although it can be).

Frozen Shadow - Living in the Forsaken North your whole life, you've learned to survive by not being seen. Stealth in the arctic regions is second nature to you. You gain a +2 to Stealth checks when in any environment that is or resembles a place that is covered in snow and/or ice.

Barbarians of the North

The Barbarians of the north are tribal and nomadic, living wherever and however they can. The druids of some tribes have learned to cultivate the local plant life and feed their people that way. Other tribes rely on their warriors to provide meat from the local predators (as there is nothing but predators in the Forsaken North). They believe in honor, and will greet and house foreigners in need, but would never fully trust one. They are uninterested in the ways of the South. In fact, one of the quickest ways for a foreigner to wear out his or her welcome is to insist on any aspect of his or her culture or way of life as being better. All Barbarians of the North are unified, despite their tribal nature, in their dedication to Xarlinia, who acts as both goddess and queen to them. She is the one who taught the druids to cultivate local plant life, and has repeatedly helped tribes who have fallen on bad times survive.

The Barbarians of the North are a hardy people, mostly human in composition, though there is an extremely low percentage of representation from the other races. These oddballs are not looked down upon or outcast, as all members of the tribe are considered children of Xarlina, and the entire tribe must all pull together to survive. Xarlina will help when absolutely necessary, but will not pull the weight of a tribe that is capable of providing for itself.

Even the tribes with trained druids must still hunt and combat the native creatures to survive. The inhabitants of the Forsaken North are always hungry, and are always hunting. The Barbarians make for yummy snacks. Also, when the tribe must move into the territory of a local predator, there are always territorial conflicts. Because of that, the Barbarians are always battle-hardened (High-Level NPCs).

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