Monday, February 13, 2012

You Get What You Pay For

It was my birthday last Friday. Yay, me! I turned 25. I met my goal of being out of my parents' place by the time I turned a quarter century old. I don't think of it as a major accomplishment as much as preventing myself from sucking balls. But, hey, every day I prevent that is a win, so go me!

I turned this celebration into a weekend affair. Friday, on my actual birthday, my parents took me out for some real Italian food. It was delicious. Except for the appetizer. We had ordered fried cheese sticks, but they apparently didn't have any at that time. Instead, our waitress suggested something Italian, which she described a lot of cheese wrapped in something Italian. I don't speak Italian. Not even as much as I really should for as many times as I've been to an Italian restaurant. I should at least know the Italian names of food by now. I do not. I should have asked. As it turned out, it was cheese wrapped in ham. Now, I don't remember if I've mentioned this on the blog before, and I don't think I have, but I don't eat pork. It's not a religious thing, or a moral thing. It's more of a health thing. Plus, most forms of pork, I simply don't like, anyway. So, not only do I not eat pork, but ham happens to be one of the nastiest (to me) forms of pork. I hate ham. I do wonder why our waitress even suggested the dish, as it had nothing in common with what we had originally ordered at all, except in the amount of cheese it had in it. Which, BTW, didn't make it better because, even after unwrapping it, the cheese by itself still tasted like ham. I don't blame the waitress, though. I really should have asked what it was. Still, the rest of the meal was amazing. Fettucini alfredo was the main course, my favorite pasta/sauce mixture. The restaurant serves a loaf of bread with every meal, and makes a olive oil and pepper dip for it. Simply divine. And the meal was topped of with some fancy coffee. I can't remember what was all in them. I think one had Irish cream (real, alcoholic Irish cream), and they might have both had Kahlua. They were very good. . . . Erm, no, I didn't drink both of them. I had one and my Dad had the other. For those who would recognize the place, it was Romano's Macaroni Grill.

Saturday was spent with one of my best friends. Not LawGambit, unfortunately, but another friend who I hadn't hung out with in far too long. We went to one of the few five star restaurants we have in this area. I had been craving steak for about a week, so it seemed like a good idea. We got some steak, a filet mignon for her and a NY strip for me, both of which came with a potato, and we ordered some fried mushrooms as an appetizer as well. It was delicious. It was my first NY strip, and, in all honesty, as far as steak goes, it wasn't my favorite. I'd have liked the filet mignon much better. That being said, it was still steak, and it was still yum. Also, some of the best mushrooms I've had in a very long time, if not ever. The place itself it very nice as well. I love that place, both inside and out. I do believe it would be my favorite restaurant, were price no issue. Unfortunately, it is, and $108 for two people is a steep price to pay. I'd pay it again, especially considering the sheer volume of food you get (we couldn't eat it all), just not anytime soon. If you're ever in Oklahoma and slightly Northeast of Tulsa (and you have lots of money you're not particularly attached to), check out Molly's Landing. Their tea is fantastic, as well, if you care about such things. I do. I love tea, in all its forms. Good tea is important to me. And they have it. Aside from that, we played a new board game she had gotten recently. I forgot what it was called, but it involved building towns and roads, and getting points from completing them based on how many minions you had in/on them when they finished. There was a variant of it that used a dragon and a fairy. I love dragons and fae, so I was all over that. We played twice, and she beat me both times, and both times by almost exactly 50 points. I can't wait to play again. ^_^ The last thing we did that evening was went to see the movie Chronicle. We liked it. I am a little distressed by the number of movies coming out recently that present themselves as being filmed by the characters in the film. As a whole, I don't think this is something that should be done a lot. However, Chronicle cheats from time to time, and it makes it a better movie for doing so. It's a really decent story, and the special effects are better then you might expect from such a movie. The characters are a little stereotypical, but they are likable, and they react to what's going on really well. I do believe that it's an accurate portrayal of what would happen if three high-schoolers suddenly got telekinesis. It's a good movie, and worth checking out.

Sunday was spent at my new home, hanging out with the friends I now live with. Well, a sizable chunk was spent grocery shopping with one of them, but still. It was nice. I was made to sit down and watch Being Human. I've known of the series for quite awhile, even before the U.S. version came out. However, I have a really hard time, sometimes, of sitting down and watching a new show. Plus, what little I'd seen of the U.S. version (my Dad watches it, so I've seen bits and pieces) did seem too appealing. Very interesting idea, but too soon after Twilight to possibly be executed properly. I was wrong. It's good stuff. Really good stuff. I watched both versions that night, and the U.S. version is actually better. I was surprised (I'm not a snob who thinks all foreign shows are better, but usually the original version is the best). I will definitely be watching more of that show.

So, here I am, after an amazing weekend, totally broke (beyond, actually), but infinitely enriched. My parents got me a Yamaha 88-key keyboard for my birthday. I had been wanting one for years. Now it's time to learn some music. Enriched now, thanks to amazing friends and family. Enriched for life, thanks to Yamaha.

I am broke, but not poor, because I got what I paid for.

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