Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Why, Hello There, Old Friend. It Has Been Some Time.

  Yes it has been a while, indeed. Partly because the list from last post got tedious, but I didn't want too move on without it. Which resulted in me not posting at all. So, yeah, dumping the list. Sorry if there was actually anyone interested in that.

   Actually, trying to catch up on a lot of things, today. My friend, LawGambit, and I, as we've both mentioned before, play StarCraft II. We've actually done some streaming, and I have yet to post all the videos. As I type this, I am searching for a good video editor to chop the files down to a reasonable size. Then off to YouTube they go. If you're interested, my YouTube account is Galador5000. As we've said before, we are Bronze league, so don't expect anything too spectacular.

Also, big surprise here, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has consumed my life! I am but one of many who have had this thing take over their lives. Practically everyone at work plays it, too, which gives us quite a lot to talk about (not that we ever had trouble finding things to talk about). Wednesdays have turned into an interesting occurrence when I get them off, as I spend most of the day on Skyrim, and then head out to play D&D. It's the most awesome day of the week. Lol!

Well, unfortunately, this post was just to kind of get back into the groove. Plus, as I said, other things to catch up on, as well. For now, I leave you. However, I shall be posting more regularly, again.

Good day.

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