Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Twice In One Day!!! . . . Are You Feeling Okay?

A little nostalgic and disappointed in myself, actually. I have a problem. A big one. I'm lazy. More than that, I have about a half a bajillion projects that I need, and even want, to work on, but I can never get my head out of my ass (which is firmly planted in Skyrim at the moment) long enough to do any of it. Of course, that has been part of what all day today has been about. Catching up on things I've neglected, and maybe getting things back on track. Oh, and for the record, it's not Skyrim's fault. Skyrim has been making it difficult lately, but this was a problem loooooong before it got released.

I appologize to fans of my YouTube account (Galador5000), and to my dear friend, LawGambit. StarCraft II is still not in my immediate plans of seriously getting back into. That part is Skyrim's fault. Once Skyrim releases it's hold on me a bit more, I will start playing and streaming SCII again. For now, though . . . I just met and talked to a freaking dragon. Met and talked to a mother effing *DRAGON*. I'll be lost in Skyrim for a bit longer, I'm afraid.

That being said, I just got through catching up with my cousin's blog. It can be found at if you're interested. It's mostly about his examinations of RPGs, as well as some of the work he's done/doing on some of them. One of the projects he's working on is a campaign world called Toldara. It's a world he's supposed to be making with me, but I've been so . . . I don't even know what I've been. I haven't put anywhere near the amount of work into it I should have. And that's going to change. Now. I have to update the races for Pathfinder, figure out some of the class ideas we had, and see how they'd best work within Paizo's system. Basically, anything and everything that has to do with the Pathfinder version of the rules. Also, wouldn't be nice if I came up with some more stuff as far as the world itself was concerned, since I'm supposed to be helping make it and all? So, yeah. Time to get up off my lazy ass (figuratively, of course, as I have to sit at a computer to do all of this), and get to work!

Another thing. I would really like to post more RP videos. People seemed to like the YouTube vids I posted of the failed DnD campaign, and I really had a lot of fun doing that. Of course, I need to fix my issues with video editing software, first. Get one that will chop large videos into smaller chunks without desyncing the video and audio tracks. That's a huge and annoying problem that I have no idea how to even begin to fix. Anyway, getting off track. If I were to post videos of an RPG again, I know the perfect game for it. Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader. I want to run that game so effing bad! The one RP group I have, though, already has three campaigns going at once, one of them I am already running, and I can't get my old group back together. We all have different schedules, now. Any two of us can find a day to get together, but the whole group, even for one night, would be a freakin' miracle, let alone getting together every week. So, yeah. While I think Rogue Trader would be absolutely perfect for my next broadcasted campaign, I unfortunately don't see it happening anytime soon. *sigh*

Oh, well. Enough of that. That's my battle plan. Work on Toldara. Work on an eventual Rogue Trader campaign. Beat Skyrim, and make lots of dragon armor. And program myself some helpful apps to better keep track of battles and initiative when I'm not using D20Pro. These are my immediate goals. I must finish one before moving on to another. So has the dragon decreed. So shall it be done!

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  1. Toldara will all come together sometime, man. No worries - that's for fun and we all have real life duties to fulfill.