Thursday, December 8, 2011

It Begins

So, today, it begins. I am going to start seriously working on some of my myriad projects. Namely, the ones listed in yesterday's post. Today, I will be working on the programming projects I mentioned. They are the easiest and quickest to do . . . well, the quickest to do, anyway. So, yeah, don't be expecting me to start posting every day because of this. However, today will be another multi-post day. I will be updating my progress here. If you're legitimately uninterested in programming, I would ignore the rest of this post, and all the future ones today. However, if you just think it's too complicated, or too far above you, then stay awhile, and listen. You might be surprised at how simple it actually is.

For those who know what I'm talking about, I will be programming with Java. I like Java. It's multi-platform (Windows, Mac OS, Linux. Java don't give a shit. It does what it wants), and it has a lot of power. It's not C++, but it's still a really good language. My next several posts will be about the applications I'm making with it, and how I went about making it do what I wanted to do.

We will start with the simplest of simplicity. A dice bag app.

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