Thursday, December 15, 2011

For All That We Find New, Why Do We Crave the Old?

I love Skyrim. I really love Skyrim. It is one of the most amazing games of all time, and one of the best in the Elder Scrolls series. So, what has me excited? Is it that Bethesda has officially announced Skryrim DLC? Actually, no. It's this video. Well, more what the video is about. As awesome as Skyrim is, I'm excited for a Morrowind revamp. I haven't played seriously in a long time, and this is just the excuse I needed to pick it up again. It was my very first Elder Scrolls game, and it showed me just how awesome CRPGs could be. While Oblivion and especially Skyrim were and are good, even great, there are some things that Morrowind just did right that the others lost sight of. The shear number of equipment options, being able to wear clothes underneath your armor, and having 8 armor slots (9, if you used shields) to fill. While not a skill like it was in earlier titles, the ability to climb up mountains and such was something the newer engines didn't really allow for (though Skyrim is tons better about it than Oblivion was). Speechcraft was something you actually had to use, or it would never get useful. And there were more skills, one for every weapon type, as there should be, plus an entire armor category (medium armor) that simply doesn't exist in the newer games. Not to mention skills for unarmed and unarmored. Those are important skills! How can you play a Monk without them?!? Even a mage can be difficult without the unarmored skill!

I'm not saying I'm hanging up my Dovahkiin hat in favor of a Nerevarine style. I'll still be playing Skyrim. Quite a bit of Skyrim. Skyrim. Is. Amazing. But, so is Morrowind. And it's high time I visited Vvardenfell, again.

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